Who owns your Domain Name? Do you?

Who owns your Domain Name? Do you?

Registering a domain name is a simple thing and should be done by the person who is planning on owning and controlling the domain. Sometimes, of course, you want to have someone register it for you, perhaps an employee or a web developer. If this is the case, It’s important that they make you the registrant by placing your name and your valid email address on the account. This will ensure that you are in control over your account, and that you are the one who receives notices of expiration and renewal. As soon as the domain is set up, be sure to request that the username and password are given to you and keep this information in a convenient place for when you need to make any changes.

Now that you know this, you probably want to know if there’s a way to find out if your domain is controlled by you and your company. You can find out do this by going to www.whois.org or www.godaddy.com scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on WhoIS. This will show you who the owner of your domain is. If your domain name is registered to you, you’re all  set. But what if it’s registered under another person’s name? What does this mean? It means, for all intents and purposes, the other person owns it and can alter or take down your current website at any time.

Your domain name is the asset of your company and should be in your name. The name on the registration is the person that has control over your domain name. That individual can take down your current website at any time.

To keep your domain name in your control, the only rule of thumb is to have your domain name registered to you, in your own account and with a separate registration from your website vendor. If Sunfish Design purchases or registers your domain name on your behalf, you are still the owner of that domain; Sunfish Design is simply the administrator of the domain and ensures the management for you.

Sunfish Design can help you in all aspects of your domain name selection and registration. Domain name registration is provided with all Sunfish Design web site design packages.

We recommend www.GoDaddy.com for domain registration.