Color Palettes for Websites

Color Palettes for Websites

It’s not just the words that matter…it’s a visual thing.

An effective website, no matter what the industry, needs to have the power to keep a user engaged. In the fast paced environment we are living in, it’s imperative to have a substantial visual impact from the moment the user arrives on a site. Let’s be honest, the text is the driving force for explaining products and services and should not be taken lightly. The copy should be clearly written and well thought out. However, words are just words if no one reads them. So, the object here is to create an environment where the user wants to stay and read on.

A site should never fall short of creating a feeling. It can be anything from professional, comforting, warm, masculine, or somber…to playful, trendy, youthful, feminine or exciting…just to name a few. These feelings can be created by surrounding your text with pattern, photography, illustration, graphics and most importantly, a great color palette.

A color palette should be chosen with industry and demographic in mind and can set the tone and feeling of a website.

Here are a few examples of color palettes: