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The Basics - Web Site Development

To get your business on the web, you need the following:

Domain Name
Web Site
Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimization

Domain Name

A domain name or URL is the address where your web site will be located on the web. (For example, www.sunfishdesign.com is Sunfish Design's domain name, URL AND web site address.) You can select any available domain name and choose from a variety of extensions, including .com, .net, .org, etc. The selection of a domain name is a major consideration. While a good domain for your web site name won't guarantee success, it can have a positive (or negative) impact on almost every aspect of online business. A "good" web site domain is one that is easy to remember and minimizes confusion. If you are acquiring a name for your web site that has the potential to cause confusion (non-hyphenated and hyphenated variations, or words that are phonetically similar and commonly misspelled), we recommend that you obtain the most logical version. Sunfish Design provides the service of domain name consulting and registration with all our web site design packages.

Web Site Hosting

To be accessible on the web, you need web space on a server. Your site needs a place for the information to be stored - just like the hard disk of your computer. The service of providing that space is called “hosting” and the company that provides web hosting services (including storage and connectivity) is called a “web host.” The most important factors to consider when searching for a web host and a web hosting plan are reliability and support. Sunfish Design offers reliable hosting at extremely competitive rates. Web site hosting services are available separately or as part of our complete web packages.

Web Site

This one is somewhat obvious. The information that is viewable from your domain name - by anyone with an Internet connection - is your web site. Most web sites are created by a web developer who uses HTML (hypertext markup language) coding/programming and a variety of other software packages. Your web site should be designed as an accurate extension of your business, and should be intuitive, informative, visual and easy for visitors to use.

Sunfish Design provides stylish web site design and development services with all features and great functionality.

Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helps consumers find your web site. With tens of millions of web sites now live, search engines generate results via keywords assigned to each site, among other various aspects of the site. Our search engine promotion services include working with you to determine your target market and the best keywords for your business, then optimize the pages of your site to ensure the search engine will include your site in its results pages. After the keywords are assigned, we hand-submit your site to all the major search engines.

los angeles web design
los angeles web design

Sunfish Design is a graphic and web design firm located in Los Angeles that provides custom print design and all aspects of
web site design and development, including hosting, e-commerce, web site search engine optimization, marketing and more.

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