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Website SEO and Internet Marketing

A web site is of no value if it is not seen. You can publish your web address on your business cards, brochures, and letterhead, but your potential is unlimited when you market yourself properly on the World Wide Web. We can help you by formulating and implementing a step by step plan for getting more out of your web presence, driving more traffic to your website, and ultimately converting those website visitors into customers.

Step 1. Evaluate your current website and your competition
Step 2. Develop and implement a strategic marketing plan
Step 3. Analyze your website traffic and make modifications to stay ahead


Your site is only as good as its design and navigation. If your site is not easy to navigate, you have links that are not functioning or go to pages "under construction," your visitors will go somewhere else. Our goal is for your visitors to easily and logically travel throughout your website, and get to where they want to go in the fewest number of clicks.

Whatever it is that makes you unique or superior to your competition should be evident by looking at your website. Do you fill a certain niche? Do you focus on one area? Is your strength in being able to offer a wide range of services? Your services should be easily identifiable, and the message should be carried through the web site.

The more information you provide, the more valuable your website will be to your visitors. Information can be in the form of text, photographs, diagrams, articles, tables, and images. It should be presented in a clear, organized fashion, and should be consistent with the image you wish to portray.

Offering your visitors a reason to return to your site will increase the likelihood that they become customers - since each visit is an opportunity to convince them of your capability. Web features that can enhance the user's experience include frequent updates and additions, newsletters, guestbooks, message boards, ecommerce, polls, glossaries, special offers and news articles.

It is obvious how to contact your office for a quote or appointment? If the visitor wants to contact you to ask a question or schedule a meeting, he or she should not have to search to find your contact information. If you offer a free consultation, that should be apparent as well. Once you receive an inquiry, the response should be quick, accurate, and polite.

Search Engine Friendliness and Optimization
Different methods of constructing and laying out a web site may make it easier for the search engines to find you. For instance, a "splash" page in which your opening page consists solely of a flash introduction will hurt you in the search engines. There are hundreds of ways to increase your search engine friendliness and optimize your placement.


From the thorough web business analysis described above, we will create a complete plan for search engine and marketing improvements, a timeline and a fee estimate. Because people find information on the internet in a variety of ways such as clicking from another site, a specialized directory, articles, search engines, or banner ads, it is important to make your site visible through as many avenues as possible. Your plan will be researched and executed deliberately, with a reasonable budget relative to your goals. We will create a plan to include:

Website Promotion Through Search Engines

Keyword Analysis
We will research the keywords and phrases that are most applicable to your practice and most likely to get you noticed in the search engines.

Analysis of ''competitor" sites
In order to get you high rankings, we need to know where your competition ranks and what tactics they are employing to maintain that position. Then we'll know how best to approach your website marketing plan to give you the best chance for the highest rankings.

Copy writing to incorporate keywords
A large part of search engine optimization involves the incorporation of useful content that is relevant to your area of expertise. Effective use and placement of designated keywords in the right location, density, and formatting within that text will increase your chances of higher search engine results.

Optimization for search engines
Not only does the layout and design of the page and the programming code, graphics, audio, and video have to be "search engine friendly", but metatags, keyword density, image tags, and overall content and structure of the website

Search engine submission
Submission to search engines including google, yahoo, aol, msn, ask jeeves, etc.

Link building campaign
increase your search engine rankings and click-throughs from related sites

Website Promotion Through Other Means

Listings in online directories - analysis of the best placements

paid inclusion: pay an annual fee per website page to be listed in a directory

online advertising: paid text or banner advertisements on other websites

pay per click advertising: cost based on market rate per keyword, plus start up costs

newsletters: use your email lists to bring visitors back to your website

press release writing and submission: interface with online press release services


statistics tools - Install password protected web analytics tool used to analyze traffic

analyze traffic - provide reports of traffic - including # of visitors, page views, top search engines, keywords, referrers.

Please contact us for a site analysis click here for rates.


los angeles web design
los angeles web design

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