Refreshing Your Website – How Often? How Much?

So, you’ve had a great website designed and it’s helped your business over the last year or two.  But, you haven’t updated it at all.  Should you?  The answer is a resounding “yes.”  Your website, even if it’s a simple brochure for your company, is a representation of the business – and of you.  If your site never has anything new to say, then it seems that you don’t.

There are tons of benefits to updating your website.

1. First of all (and this is pretty obvious), when repeat visitors come to your site they will see something new.

2. Web design evolves and if your competitors’ sites stay up to date on trends and new information, your business may suffer. When compared to other options, your site may make your business look behind the curve.

3. The search engines want to see new content.  You will see your search rankings fall over time if you don’t add new content to your web site.

Simple things you can have done to refresh your site

New Content
New Photos
New Sections (services, faqs)
New Look
Add a Blog

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