Logo Design Process

Our logo design process allows us to design the best logo for your business. This is how we do it:

Design Brief

To begin, we do a Q & A with you, either in person or over the phone. We also have a online logo design questionnaire that helps to begin the process of working towards a successful logo design.

Some of the questions we cover are the following:

Business Profile – A summary of your business and history
Positioning – your service or product, brand and competition
Purpose – why are you developing a logo? – is it a logo for a new business, new product, sister product, new service, a redesign, etc?
Demographic – age, gender, income, location, lifestyle.
Previous/Current Marketing – What kind of presence do you currently have going? advertising, direct mail, graphic design, website, press, PR, etc.
Your Message – what are you trying to convey? strength, professionalism, youth, quality, etc.


Based on the information we have about your company, we do some research of our own, considering competition, current market trends, what makes you or your product special, your goals, etc.


We design options for your logo and narrow it to the 6 we present to you. Because of our experience, we are able to consider all of the media in which it will be used, taking care to make sure the logo design will work large, small, animated, embroidered, on various color backgrounds, etc.

Presentation / Feedback

The logo designs are presented in a PDF. Based on our fixed-price logo package, you then choose a design or combination of designs from the options (depends on your package) and then prepare comments and changes, i.e. color, sizing, fonts, etc.


Following client review, we make revisions to the design you’ve chosen. Our packages allow 3 revision rounds, but because we strive to create an identity that will establish a solid, timeless brand for your business, we work with you to get it just right.

Delivery in various formats

We supply you with your final logo design in any and all formats (jpg, tif, ai, eps, pdf)

Turnaround Time for Logo Design

You can expect to receive the design options in approximately 5-7 days. We turn around the revisions in about 2 days.